You want to know me?



I am Elise Duboir, gypsy and vampire. I have walked this Earth for over 108 years, 19 of them as a mortal the rest as what you see now.

Who my maker is I can not tell you, what I can tell you is how I came about that fateful night that changed me forever.

I should say my hair is what started it all but that would be too long of a story, you see I come from a long line gypsies and if you know anything about them, I am not what you call a traditional looking one. Nothing about me is traditional as you will soon learn.

I come from the lineage of a clan of gypsies that worship animal spirits; we serve them and in turn they live once more through us. Our spirits join and we become that which they were, we become one. My uniqueness as my mother called it, has allowed for me to be one of the few that can summon multiple spirits to me. I am what you call an empty vessel waiting for the spirit that completes me, that is what I was supposed to have been doing that fateful night; finding the path to the spirit of blood, the one that would join my spirit and call me its home.

But it wasn’t meant to be, the blood that found me that night was my own as it slid down the throat of a vampire and death became my eternal lover. To the surprise of many, I do enjoy this life, enjoy it tremendously, I can be your worst nightmare or your most enjoyable fantasy either way your end will be memorable, the only question will be who am I when I take you.

So think twice next time you walk under the moon and see that beautiful creature begging you to pet its fur, feather or skin, it might just be me letting my spirit run as the vampire hunts.


Posted July 4, 2010 by A Secret Death